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FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums Rising For Fifth Time In 4 Years

June 11, the FHA changes its mortgage insurance premiums for the 5th time in four years. It's created a class of "gets" and "gets not".

Short Sales Increasing; Bank-Owned Sales Decreasing

Short sales are better for home valuations nationwide than foreclosures.

CHART : Freddie Mac 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Rate Down To 3.75%

Freddie Mac reports the 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate at an all-time low of 3.75% this week, down from last week's 3.78%.

Low Mortgage Rates Spark Veritable Refinance Boom

Low mortgage rates have sparked yet another (!) refinance boom. Have you seen today's mortgage rates?

Foreclosures : California, Florida And Georgia Lead The Nation

Foreclosure activity is falling nationwide, and bank-owned REO is down. From California to Virginia, it's getting harder to find bank-owned homes.

Freddie Mac’s Deceptive Mortgage Rates : Why 3.78% Costs More Than 3.79%

Freddie Mac's mortgage rate survey contains some trickery. Mortgage rates fell to 3.78% this week but that doesn't mean they're cheaper.

Supreme Court Limits Suits Over Mortgage Settlement Costs

The U.S, Supreme Court overturned a lawsuit by mortgage borrowers claiming that they were overcharged for mortgage settlement fees.

CHART : Freddie Mac 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Rate Falls To 3.78%

Freddie Mac reports the 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate at an all-time low of 3.78% this week, down from last week's 3.79%.

Existing Home Sales : Amid Rising Sales, Inventory Down 20.6%

At the current pace of home sales, the national housing stock will sell out in 6.6 months. Last year, that duration was 9.1 months.

3 Reasons Why You Might Not Get Freddie Mac’s 3.79% Mortgage Rate

Freddie Mac says the 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate is 3.79% nationwide. Here are 3 reasons why few people actually get that rate.

FHA Mortgages For Condos : Guidelines About To Loosen?

Quietly, the FHA has been formulating changes to its condo mortgage guidelines.

Fewer Than 1% Of Homes In Foreclosure Nationwide, Reports MBA

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reports that mortgage defaults have fallen below expected levels.

Federal Reserve : Lack Of Congressional Direction Slowing Mortgage Lending

Federal Reserve Governor Elizabeth Duke said mortgage lending is suffering because the "rules of the game" keep changing.

Refinance Frenzy : Nearly 40% Abandon 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

For every $100,000 borrowed on a 15-year mortgage, you'll save nearly $44,000 over the long-term in mortgage interest costs over a 30-year.

HARP 3 : A Framework Emerges From Congress

The White House is requesting updates to the Home Affordable Refinance Program. Millions of additional homeowners would be HARP 3-eligible.

Arizona, Florida, Colorado Among “Improving” Housing Markets

With mortgage rates low in all 50 states and housing markets rising, there are great "deals" to be had -- if you can find them.

Now Accepting Applications For The FHA’s New, Lower Mortgage Insurance Premiums

The FHA starts its new, cheaper MIP schedule June 11, 2012. You don't have to wait until June to apply, though. Start your application today and be among the first in line for new, lower payments.

Mortgage Rate Outlook : Week Of May 14, 2012

Mortgage-backed bonds worsened last week. Mortgage rates figure to rise.

With Mortgage Rates Low, Consumer Sentiment Hits 4-Year High

Low mortgage rates plus rising consumer sentiment is helping to stabilize U.S. housing.

The 15-Month Refinance Boom : Save 29% On Your Mortgage

The Mortgage Refinance Boom is ongoing. At today's rates, you could save 29% off your mortgage interest payments.