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Zero-Cost Mortgage Rates More Popular In 2011

It appears that lower mortgage rates come with a price. Closing costs rising in most states. Look zero-cost instead.

Mortgage Rates : The Debt Ceiling Effect

Congress debate extending the current debt ceiling limit vs making immediate spending cuts. While it debates, mortgage rates sink. Rates are at an all-time low.

The 5-Year ARM : Cheaper Than It’s Ever Been

As the Refi Boom continue, not all rates are falling equally. Adjustable-rate mortgages are leading the charge.

FHA Mortgage Rates Vs. Conforming Mortgage Rates : Which Are Cheaper?

The FHA insures 25% of the mortgage purchase market these days, up from 5 percent in 2006. Is it because FHA mortgages are cheaper than conforming ones?

Fannie Mae Says : “Cash Out” Your Free-And-Clear Home

After you've paid cash for a home, you *can* get your cash back. It's called the Delayed Financing Rule and it's new from Fannie Mae.

4 Things That Don’t Control The Future Of Mortgage Rates

There is only one thing that controls where mortgage rates go next -- and it's not the 10-year treasury note.

Get Your Mortgage Denied In 5 Easy Steps

There are just some things you should never do while your home loan is "in-process." Here are the five most-common mistakes.

Mortgage Rates Changing Every 3 Hours, 23 Minutes

Mortgage rates are changing at a blistering pace. If you're not locking your rate, you're losing your rate.

The 2011 Refi Boom Begins : Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

You can't control mortgage rates, but you can control your closing costs. Make the most of this Refi Boom -- go zero-cost refi. Here's how.

Mortgage Rate Velocity Takes Off; Leaves Rate Shoppers In Its Dust

Since the start of June, mortgage rates are changing with alarming frequency. It's an all-time high for Mortgage Rate Velocity. You need to see these stats.

The Mortgage Refi Boom Of 2011 Has Officially Begun

Mortgage rates have dropped for 8 straight weeks, signaling the start of a new Refi Boom. Don't watch this one pass. It won't last long. Exploit it while you can.

Don’t Pay Closing Costs When Mortgage Rates Are Falling

Zero-cost mortgages are terrific in a falling interest rate environment, like the one we're in now. They eliminate sunk costs completely and offer an immediate refinance payback.

Tracking Mortgage Rate Movement Around A 3-Day Weekend

Mortgage rates across the state are near year-to-date lows, but locking them in this week may be difficult. Memorial Day can mess with mortgage markets.

As Home Resales Stagnate, Distressed Homes Sell At 20% Discount

At the current sales pace, it would take 9.2 months to exhaust today's home inventory. It's almost 1 month worse than March, and the worst reading of the year.

Mortgage Newsflash : A New Refi Boom Begins; Banks Open Floodgates; Maximum Loan Sizes Dropping

Mortgage rates are falling, mortgage guidelines are easing, and conforming loan limits are dropping. There's a lot going on in mortgages right now and this 119-second mortgage video covers it all.

The (Forthcoming) End Of The $729,750 Conforming Loan Limit

Temporary conforming loan limits in high-cost areas are expiring. After September 30, 2011, places like Loudoun County, Virginia; Potomac, Maryland; and Marin County, California will face new, lower conforming loan limit sizes.

Using Photomosaics To Show That All Real Estate Is Local

There's an old saying that goes "All Real Estate Is Local". See it in pictures.

5 Days Left : $8,000 “Free” Via The Federal Homebuyer Tax Credit Program (Military Edition)

For certain members of the government and military, the clock is ticking on the 2010 federal home buyer tax program. You must be under mutual contract for a home on or before April 30, 2011 to meet program deadlines, and claim up to $8,000 in credits.

How To Beat The April 18, 2011 FHA Mortgage Insurance Increase

FHA mortgage insurance rates are increasing. Beat the increase by having your FHA Case Number assigned. All you have to do is give a mortgage application. I'll handle the rest for you.

FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums Rising 0.25 Percent April 18, 2011

To lower costs, newspaper editors are replacing beat writers with "article syndication". Syndication can be a good strategy, but it requires care. The syndicated article highlighted here is 11 months -- and 2 FHA guideline changes -- behind-the-times. It's patently incorrect.