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Harvard Study : 2012 Marks The Start Of “True Housing Market Recovery”

Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies says all signs point to a "true" housing recovery, beginning this year.

Mortgage Rates : Greek Elections Keep Rates In Limbo

Mortgage rates increased this week. Greek elections hold the future of mortgage rates in limbo.

Homeowners Using Cash-In Mortgage To Build Equity, Save Money

Cash-in mortgages remain popular among homeowners -- despite HARP.

Mortgage Rates Rise To 3.71%; 6-Week Winning Streak Ends

Freddie Mac reports the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate rose to 3.71% this week, up from 3.67% last week.

Mortgage Rates Controlled By Mortgage Bonds

Mortgage rates change in seemingly tiny margins. The changes stem from the mortgage-backed bond market.

MBA : Sinking Mortgage Rates Boost Mortgage Applications

Mortgage activity is at its highest levels in more than 3 years. Ultra-low mortgage rates are a catalyst.

Mortgage Rates Fall For 6th Straight Week: How Low Can They Go?

According to Freddie Mac, mortgage rates have fallen for the sixth consecutive week, with the 30-year fixed mortgage at an all-time low.

HARP, FHA Streamline Refinance Support “Underwater” Households

Falling home prices have lowered homeowner wealth nationwide. HARP and the FHA Streamline Refinance program are helping families save money.

Mortgage Rates Down 4 Years Running; Longest Refinance Boom Ever?

Mortgage rates have dropped for 4 straight years, pushing mortgage payments to levels previously believed to be insane.

HARP Refinance Program Boosting U.S. Economy

HARP refinances are saving households money, and boosting consumer spending.

30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Rate Plunges To 3.67%

Freddie Mac reports the 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate at an all-time low of 3.67% this week, down from last week's 3.75%.

Home Purchases : 85% Financed With A 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

The Mortgage Bankers Association reports no bad news for last week as mortgage rates decreased to historic lows.

Has The HARP Refinance Program Killed The Cash-In Mortgage?

The rise of the HARP refinance program coincides with a drop in cash-in mortgages. That's no coincidence.

FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums Rising For Fifth Time In 4 Years

June 11, the FHA changes its mortgage insurance premiums for the 5th time in four years. It's created a class of "gets" and "gets not".

Short Sales Increasing; Bank-Owned Sales Decreasing

Short sales are better for home valuations nationwide than foreclosures.

CHART : Freddie Mac 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Rate Down To 3.75%

Freddie Mac reports the 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate at an all-time low of 3.75% this week, down from last week's 3.78%.

Low Mortgage Rates Spark Veritable Refinance Boom

Low mortgage rates have sparked yet another (!) refinance boom. Have you seen today's mortgage rates?

Foreclosures : California, Florida And Georgia Lead The Nation

Foreclosure activity is falling nationwide, and bank-owned REO is down. From California to Virginia, it's getting harder to find bank-owned homes.

Freddie Mac’s Deceptive Mortgage Rates : Why 3.78% Costs More Than 3.79%

Freddie Mac's mortgage rate survey contains some trickery. Mortgage rates fell to 3.78% this week but that doesn't mean they're cheaper.

Supreme Court Limits Suits Over Mortgage Settlement Costs

The U.S, Supreme Court overturned a lawsuit by mortgage borrowers claiming that they were overcharged for mortgage settlement fees.