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The Housing Recovery : Rising Prices, Falling Supplies, Multiple Offers

There's a lot of data that suggests housing is in recovery. Sometimes, though, it's the stories you hear from buyers that convince you best.

Mortgage Rates : 30-Year Fixed Rate Hits 3.56% In Latest Weekly Survey

Mortgage rates know no bottom. The average 30-year fixed rate mortgage is down to 3.56% for borrowers willing to pay 0.7 discount points.

Mortgage Rates Rising As Federal Reserve Puts QE3 On The Table

The Federal Reserve is taking a more earnest look at QE3 than previously thought, June's Fed Minutes reveals. Mortgage rates are now rising.

Mortgage Rates : Low Mortgage Rates Pump 11% Gain In Purchasing Power

Because of falling rates, your mortgage dollar goes much farther than it used to. For the same payment, you can buy 11% more home this year.

Mortgage Rates Drop To Ridiculous Levels; Payment Savings Pile Up

As mortgage rates drop to unheard-of levels, the savings are piling up for home buyers and refinancing households. The numbers are something to behold.

With 42% More Purchasing Power, U.S. Home Buyers Dig In

Today's housing market is the result of rising demand from home buyers and shrinking supply from home sellers. At least mortgage rates remain cheap.

Some Foreclosed Homeowners To Receive $125,000 From Mortgage Lenders

Were you wrongly foreclosed upon? As part of a settlement between banks and the government, you may have a settlement coming your way.

Mortgage Rates Respond To EU Summit, Change Quickly

After Freddie Mac put mortgage rates at 3.66%, news from Europe changed that. Mortgage rates worsened Thursday and Friday.

FHA Changes Its “$1,000 Collections” Rule; Helps 1-In-3 FHA Borrowers

Starting July 1, 2012, the FHA is scrapping its $1,000 Collection policy. See how it affects your mortgage rates.

Mortgage Rate Outlook : Conforming, FHA Mortgage Rates To Ease

In general, what's bad for the world's economy will be good for U.S. mortgage rates.

Mortgage Rates Idle Last Week; Poised To Rise This Week

The Greek elections and FOMC announcement did little to change mortgage rates last week. New data on home sales are expected this week.

Credit Score Tips For Mortgage Shoppers

For 20 years, FICO scoring policies have favored mortgage rate shoppers. Very few people know it, however.

Mortgage Rates : Greek Coalition Threatens Refinance Boom

Early Friday, the Greece government announced that it's close to forming a coalition government. This has been initially bad for U.S. mortgage rates

Foreclosure Prevention Programs Assist Relocating Military Homeowners

The government is making foreclosure prevention programs available to relocating military households.

Mortgage Rates : Moving Lower On Soft Employment, Housing Data

30-year fixed rate mortgage rates are averaging 3.66% nationwide for borrowers willing to pay 0.7 discount points.

FHA Refinance Applications Double After Mortgage Insurance Premiums Drop

FHA refinance applications doubled last week after the FHA lowered mortgage insurance premiums for some of its borrowers.

Mortgage Rates : Subject To Operation Twist

Mortgage markets are calm ahead of the June Federal Reserve meeting. Mortgage rates will be different this afternoon.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Rates : Down 53% During The Refinance Boom

During the current Refinance Boom, adjustable-rate mortgages have proven to be a tremendous value to ARM-holding homeowners.

Mortgage Rates Steady Ahead Of Fed Meeting

Mortgage rates take a breather ahead of the FOMC's fourth scheduled meeting of the year. Rates could get volatile soon, however.

Mortgage Rate Outlook : Lower Mortgage Rates Ahead

This weekend's elections in Greece are having little or no effect on U.S. markets. Mortgage rates are steady.