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FHA In 2013 : New FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums, New MIP Cancellation Policy

For 2013, the FHA is raising its mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) and changing its MIP cancelation policy. Read about it.

Mortgage Tip : Use “Rate Locks” To Get A Lower Mortgage Rate

Learn how to use mortgage rate locks for your personal gain. Pick a better closing date, get a better mortgage rate.

HARP Mortgage Queries By State : California Gains, Arizona Slips

10 states accounted for two-thirds of HARP 2 refinance requests last year. If HARP 3 launches, that figure may rise.

Mortgage Rates Make Worst Annual Start Since 2000

Mortgage rates are off to their worst yearly start since 2000. Nationwide, rates are rising quickly.

Today’s Mortgage Borrowers Pay 65% More Discount Points, On Average

Home buyers and refinancing households are paying the most accompanying discount points in a decade. Break the cycle. Here's how.

FHA Streamline Refinance Update : Banks May Not Verify Income, Job, Or Credit

FHA has excluded the FHA Streamline Refinances from Compare Ratios. Banks may stop verifying income, job and credit score.

Homeowners Deleverage For Lower Rates; “Cash-In” Refinances Gain

The cash-in refinance is popular, even as HARP refinances proliferate. Homeowners are doing what it takes to get today's low mortgage rates.

30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Rate : Get Ready To Lock Your Loan

Mortgage rates ended 2012 at their lowest point in history. Already, though, rates are prepped to move higher for 2013. Lock a low rate while you still can.

Mortgage Rates Preview : Fiscal Cliff May Lead Mortgage Rates Down

Mortgage rates improved last week on Fiscal Cliff pessimism. This week, mortgage rates may drop again.

Congress Considering New, Lower FHA Premiums For First-Time Home Buyers

A bill was introduced that would lower FHA mortgage insurance premiums for first-time home buyers.

FHA Mortgage Rates Dip Below 5 Percent “Effectively”

FHA mortgage rates have dropped 3 percentage points since 2008. It's a terrific time to refinance via the FHA Streamline Refinance.

Lock Your FHA Mortgage Today : New FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums Approved

The FHA is its raising mortgage insurance rates. Beat the FHA mortgage deadline and you'll get a lower mortgage payment. Here's what to do.

State-By-State : Where To Find Foreclosures In 2013

Foreclosures and foreclosed homes now sell at an average 20% discount. Here are the states in which to find them.

Mortgage Rates Make Biggest Weekly Jump In 21 Weeks

30-year fixed rate mortgage rates rose to an 8-week high. It may be time to stop watching for "the bottom" and to start locking in. Rates may rise in 2013.

Low Mortgage Rates, Rising Home Values Fell Loan Delinquency Rates

Fewer homeowners are expected to be mortgage-delinquent next year. Rising home values and low mortgage rates are helping the economy.

VA Loans Offer Low Rates, Low Costs, And A Zero-Downpayment Option

VA loans can be a cheaper, faster option versus loans through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. See VA mortgage rates.

Mortgage Applications Rise On Low Rates, FHA Mortgage Insurance Changes

Low mortgage rates, rising home prices, and a change in FHA mortgage insurance premiums are contributing to the highest refinance application volume in 4 years.

18.2 Million Refinances Since 2009: HARP, FHA Streamline Refi, VA IRRRL, More

The government's November Housing Scorecard shows $1.5 trillion in home equity replaced and 18.2 million refinances since April 2009.

Foreclosure Discounts : States To Find The Best Foreclosure Bargains

Homes sold in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure sell at steep discount. Here are the states in which foreclosure discounts are biggest.

Mortgage Rates : Post-Federal Reserve, A Prudent Time To Lock

Mortgage markets worsened Wednesday after the Fed made its December 2012 post-meeting statement. It's a good time to lock a mortgage rate.