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Foreclosure Pipelines Refilling Nationwide, Led By East Coast States

Banks are refilling the national foreclosure pipeline. If you plan to buy a foreclosed home, here's what you should know.

Home Prices Rise In 40% Of U.S. Housing Markets

Home prices are rising, and so are mortgage rates. The best "deals" in housing may be the ones you find today.

Increased FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums Help To Self-Fund Agency

As the FHA's market share approaches $1 trillion, it's recapitalizing itself via higher mortgage insurance premiums.

VA Loan Program Gets Overhauled Via Veterans Benefits Bill

The VA loan program is getting a major overhaul. Veterans and active military will find it easier to qualify, and sometimes less expensive, too.

As Consumer Confidence Rises, Mortgage Rates And Home Prices Rise, Too

Consumer Confidence rose 3 points in July. Around the same times, mortgage rates climbed and so did home prices. Is it all connected?

Mortgage Rates : 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Rises To 3-Week High

30-year fixed rate mortgage rates rose for the first time in 6 weeks this week. Mortgage rates are at a three-week high.

Mortgage Rates Surge Just Days After Falling To 3.49%

After falling for six straight weeks, mortgage rates have spiked to a 14-day high. Here's what happened last week and what will happen next.

FHA Condominium Requirements Expected To Loosen Soon

The FHA is planning to relax its condominium approval requirements, opening FHA mortgages to millions of U.S. home buyers.

Rebuilding American Homeownership (RAH) : Congress Floats A New, HARP-Like Refinance Plan

The Rebuilding American Homeownership (RAH) program offers prescribed mortgage rates to qualified, underwater homeowners.

Refinance Applications Soar As Homeowners Lock Up Low Mortgage Rates

Refinance applications now comprise 81% of mortgage loan activity. Low mortgage rates have made a Refi Boom.

California Officials Float Plan To Seize, Restructure Local Mortgages

In San Bernardino, California, government officials want to seize and restructure up to 30,000 mortgages in the community.

HARP Refinance : Are Mortgage Lenders Snubbing Underwater Homeowners?

There's a major disconnect between the number of people applying for high-LTV HARP loans, and the number of people actually getting them.

Mortgage Rates : Wall Street Readies For QE3 Stimulus, Spain Bailout

Certain mortgage rates have fallen by half since the Fed first launched its QE program. Speculation for QE3 is driving rates down again.

No Surprise : Foreclosures Rising Post-$25 Billion Servicer Settlement

Foreclosures sold at an average 18% discount as compared to non-distressed homes last month.

Mortgage Rates : Falling After June’s CPI On New Fed Expectations

Inflationary pressures are in check, a potentially good sign for today's mortgage rate shoppers. CPI was 1.8% in June.

Mortgage Rates : 30-Year Fixed Rate Falls To 3.53% In Latest Survey

Mortgage rates drop again. The average 30-year fixed rate mortgage is now down to 3.53% for borrowers willing to pay 0.7 discount points.

Low Mortgage Rates, Federal Stimulus Primed Housing For Recovery

If you want hear about the housing recovery, just talk to an active homebuyer. It's more than low mortgage rates that fuel today's rebound.

A Helpful Chart : How Inflation Changes Mortgage Rates

Inflation is a self-reinforcing cycle. The longer it lasts, the more insidious its effects, and rising mortgage rates are an unfortunate consequence.

Mortgage Rates Easing On Retail Sales Data; A Look Ahead To The Week

Mortgage rates are rock-bottom and the economic calendar is stuffed this week. Rates may drop some more, or they may not. Here's what to do.

New Mortgage Defaults Decrease Amid Rising Home Values

Rising home values give homeowners incentive to stay current on their home loans.